Tarnor is a corporate advisory firm offering to its clients integrated services in corporate finance and management consulting. Modern economic environment requires to transgress the borders set by the traditional specialisation in these fields and to bring together diverse expertise in order to achieve supreme results. Our integrated approach allowsus to be more flexible, see much further, and to take a more balanced view. We can bring the right skills to different business situations when and where they are required. This allows us to multiply the business opportunities for our clients.

The excellence cannot be achieved without creativity and we offer to our clients innovative decisions which allow them to stay ahead of competition and nurture their long-term advantages. We approach problems from every angle and explore every opportunity to offer to our clients the best service.

There is substantial change – both market-driven and regulatory –in the corporate finance and management consulting business. Management places ever-increasing demands on advisors, and we have recognized that the industry must adapt. Tarnor’s professionals are fully committed to the business of today – we do not push textbook theories, or prescribe fixed ideologies. We are business through and through – we know that the realities of commercial decisions demand flexibility, and how the success of those decisions is determined by bottom-line results. The foundation of our business is to listen intelligently, and to think creatively. Tarnor is a business enabler. Our integrity, insight and credibility allow clients to produce value.

Our commitment to results is sustained through close co-operation with our clients. While pushing the limits, we never stray beyond the boundaries of personal integrity and our strict ethical guidelines. We diligently believe in long-term relations and reputation of which the main component is trust to your business companion.

As an independent partnership, Tarnor provides tailored corporate finance and management consulting advice free of the distractions of the capital markets or internal conflicts of interest leaving us free to focus solely on achieving results for our clients. We are able to execute transactions with speed, efficiency and with highest confidentiality. Tarnor takes a broader perspective on business decisions, redefining investment banking, targeting the optimisation of business opportunities, beyond transaction processing. We provide the full spectrum of services including buy- and sellside m&a, mbo/mbi, debt and equity raising.

From first briefing to final presentation, we are good listeners, and our solutions are defined by a creative approach to business problems. Combining analytical rigour with strategic insight, we are not about simplifying businesses, but we keep things simple: assessing potential revenue streams, generating new business opportunities, re-adjusting existing assets – ultimately, about increasing enterprise value without straining assets and resources.

Across all sectors, our competences include sales and marketing, business development, strategic due diligence, operational excellence, restructuring and public-private partnership. Objectives are determined at the start of a project, in collaboration with our clients, and include customer value/life cycle, value chain and asset optimisation, and technology.

Tarnor focuses on strategic, operational, financial and capital needs of businesses. We address the full spectrum of financial and transactional challenges faced by companies, boards, private equity sponsors, creditor constituencies and other parties-in-interest. We are results oriented. Our success depends upon achieving optimal results for our clients.

We offer our personal commitment to each client’s success.

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